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We Are Exelaration

The future of technology depends on an abundant flow of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students with the skills and experience to solve big challenges. Yet more than 700,000 tech roles currently sit vacant in the U.S. due to a dramatic gap in the tech talent pipeline.

Exelaration addresses this shortage by connecting young people of varied backgrounds with the technology workforce. Our Exelaration Center (XC), located at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, invites the next generation of technologists to envision their future.

Through our award-winning program, students gain hands-on experience and expand their skillsets under the mentorship of full-time experts. Our high-achieving students not only enhance the our client delivery teams’ capabilities, they also help us deliver quality technology solutions at a lower cost.

Top organizations engage Exelaration to design and build custom software to improve their business. Anchored by experts with decades of experience across a variety of tech stacks, we mobilize development teams of engineers from top university programs to complete real client projects.

We’ve delivered solutions for startups, Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, non-profits, and associations. Exelaration clients unanimously cite our performance, communication, and capabilities as the reason they engage and re-engage us as their preferred technology partner, Agile advisor, and even fractional CTO.

How does Exelaration consistently produce state-of-the-art software on-time and on-budget? As the #3 tech internship in the U.S., we rely on time-tested best practices from the world of scientific, university-based research. Exelaration’s innovative campus-based model harnesses the experience of full-time expert engineers coupled with the value of talented undergraduate engineers.