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Motivational Speakers


Motivation is the internal drive that urges people to act in a certain way. People are motivated through the expectation of a reward, whether tangible (such as a cash bonus) or intangible (such as internal satisfaction). People can also be motivated by fear of the loss of privileges or power (such as employment termination).

Throughout history, people have been motivated by different factors. During tough economic periods, people are motivated by money or even food. In good times, people are still motivated by money, but they can also find motivation in achieving intangible things such as success or publicity.

Though motivational speaking may seem like a recent invention, speakers have long been influencing people. Even Jesus Christ can be considered a motivational speaker. Political leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. have motivated people to act in a certain way.

A more recent development is the hiring of motivational speakers to inspire smaller and more specific audiences. Whether motivational speakers are addressing a group of employees about improving job performance, or talking to a graduating class of college students about making it in the real world, their ultimate goal is the same: to motivate.