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Employment Firm Workers


The success of any business or organization depends on the quality of its employees, which in part depends on the successful matching of job seekers with appropriate jobs. This matchmaking process is used in both government agencies and private firms to place qualified people in jobs that match their interests and abilities.

The first employment firms in the United States were private establishments, but state governments in the mid-1800s created agencies in New York, Massachusetts, and several other states. The federal government became involved in helping job seekers find work in the early 1900s. These efforts increased dramatically in the 1930s as a result of the millions of workers left jobless because of the Great Depression. The U.S. Employment Service was established in 1933, and agencies like the Civilian Conservation Corps and the National Youth Administration also made efforts in job placement and vocational counseling.

Each year, thousands of workers turn to employment firms to help them find appropriate jobs. Both large and small businesses use employment firms for assistance in finding qualified applicants. This has led to a demand for skilled employment firm workers.