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Directors of Volunteers

Director of Volunteer Services—Career Q&A: Professional Advice and Insight

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A director of volunteers employed by a nonprofit organization is responsible for recruiting, training, and placing volunteers in a variety of positions. Depending on the size of the organization and the scope of its mission, the director of volunteers may oversee anywhere from a few volunteers working a few hours a week on a short-term project to thousands of volunteers committed to a longer time frame. The director of volunteers is fully involved in all aspects of recruiting and training volunteers including raising awareness of the organization's mission, planning events, and fund-raising.

Salary Range

$25,000 to $100,000+

Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree




Faster than the Average
Personality Traits




Career Ladder
Executive Director of Volunteers

Director of Volunteers

Team Leader, or Project Head, or Assistant Volunteer Coordinator


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