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Directors of Security


Security has always been a concern. Early forms of security consisted primarily of physical protection such as weapons, guards, fences, barred windows and doors, and moats. As far back as 30,000 B.C. orphaned wolf pups, rescued by humans were domesticated and sometimes used as guard dogs. Electromagnetic alarm systems on doors and windows came into use in the nineteenth century. Around the same time banks and wealthy people began to rely on increasingly complicated safes and vaults. Security advances in the twentieth century included surveillance cameras, electric eyes, radio frequency identification chips, and even biometric security mechanisms.

Businesses need security to protect them from intruders, thieves, industrial spies, and other threats. These security risks have grown and changed with the advance of technology. Today, businesses not only need to secure their physical presence but their online data and systems as well. As a result, many companies put a major emphasis on security, making directors of security an increasingly important part of a business's success.

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