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Directors of Casino Security

The Job

The director of casino security might also be referred to as the security director of a casino or simply the director of security. He or she is in charge of overseeing the security department and its operations throughout the casino and casino hotel. Within the scope of the job the individual has a great many responsibilities.

The individual is expected to lead the department in providing security and protection for guests, employees, and casino property. As part of this responsibility, he or she assures that the security staff protects all areas of the casino and casino hotel including the gaming area, retail outlets, restaurants, bars, etc. as well as protecting its customers and employees against theft and vandalism.

The director of casino security must assure that the security department and the various areas of the casino and casino hotel are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Additionally, if the casino is part of an Indian gaming facility, the individual must assure that all of the tribal rules, regulations, and laws are met and adhered to.

A large part of the job of the director of casino security is developing, updating, and implementing procedures and policies for the department. He or she must also periodically review the security measures throughout the facility as well as analyzing procedures and policies to ascertain that they are working effectively for the casino.

The director of casino security is responsible for supervising any investigations that are carried out by members of the security staff. The individual is also expected to oversee any internal investigations regarding illegal activity on the part of employees.

He or she is responsible for reporting illegal activities of employees or customers to the proper authorities. The individual will often be the contact between state, federal, and local agencies regarding security issues in or around the casino, casino hotel, or other external area of the property.

A huge part of the job is staffing the department. He or she may recruit, select, and hire new employees or sit in during parts of the interviewing process with members of the human resources department. The individual is expected to coordinate the activities of the security staff, scheduling security officers, and giving them their assignments. The director of security assures that all security personnel are trained in accordance with the casino’s policies and procedures.

The individual is also responsible for reviewing all reports prepared by the security staff regarding activities that occurred during their shifts. He or she is also expected to review and document any incidents and actions taken as a result of theft, cheating, or embezzlement by either customers or employees. He or she also is expected to advise corporate management through either phone calls or written reports of incidents and actions taken.