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Client Services Managers

The Job

Client services managers who may also be called customer relations managers direct the customer or client relations department of a business. They act as liaisons between a business and its customers. Individuals and their team are the main point of contact for clients and customers. They are expected to answer questions and assist customers in solving problems with company products or services.

The main function of client services managers is to make clients feel that they are  important and that any difficulty with the product or service can be resolved. The client services department works in conjunction with a number of different departments within the company to make sure that clients are satisfied. These might include among others public relations, marketing, transportation, logistics and sales.

Most businesses and corporations feel that word of mouth is the best advertising. Pleased clients tell their friends, family and colleagues about the product they purchase or service they use and they in turn, may purchase or use the product or service as well. This is where the client services manager and his or her team steps in making sure clients and customers are happy. Client services managers must assure that employees provide excellent customer service both on the phone and on-line.

Individuals have varied duties depending on the structure of the company and specific responsibilities. Client services managers often perform many of the tasks that client and customer service reps handle in a business. The main difference is that as managers, they are expected to supervise the client services representatives in the company. Individuals are responsible for recruiting and hiring client and/or customer service representatives.

Individuals are additionally are responsible for the training of representatives working in the department.  Depending on the size of the client services or customer care department, this training may be done on a one-on-one basis or may be accomplished in a class-room style setting. The client services manager is expected to develop training materials and programs.  He or she will also be responsible for performing employee reviews.

The client services manager responsibilities often include directing the processing of orders to ensure that orders are fulfilled in a timely manager. Individuals frequently develop methods of streamlining the business’s operations to assure that products are delivered in the quickest manner possible.

As part of the job, client services managers and their teams often provide product training to customers to assure that the products are being used correctly. In this manner, clients can be assured that they know everything there is to know about the company’s products making them easier to use effectively.

Their most important responsibilities are ensuring employees follow proper business practices, auditing files, and ensuring excellent online and phone-based customer services. Other common responsibilities include cooperating with business partners, making sure staff capacity can handle call volume, and managing any service issues. Client service managers also make recommendations for department-wide issues to organizational management

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