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Cleaning Service Owners


Before the development of special looms and fibers, carpets and rugs were only for the well-to-do. A rug cleaner had to be very knowledgeable about the weaving and knotting of rugs, and about coloring and dying processes in order to properly clean and repair rugs. With the invention of "tufting" and synthetic fibers in Georgia in the 1930s, carpet production became more efficient, carpets became cheaper, and sales increased. And carpet cleaning became a service needed in homes and office buildings. Window washing companies were already in business, contracting out to skyscrapers in the big cities, and carpet cleaners followed suit. By the 1960s, companies were offering full-service cleaning—windows, carpets, and drapes. With downsizing in the 1980s, the services of independent cleaning companies replaced many of the custodial crews of large buildings. Better cleaning products have also helped the industry; more powerful machines and cleaning formulas have made work easier and quicker than in the days of waxes and polishes.