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"Significant advancement opportunities and early responsibility."

"Culture, flat structure and open door policy, ability for anyone to drive change."

"They allow you to be yourself and encourage you to pursue your passions."

"The focus on financial institutions."


"Some long term engagements can become much closer to staff augmentation than true consulting."

"Long hours, heavy travel."

"Inconsistency in messaging from the leaders."

"Working in big banks and navigating their bureaucracy to make change and get new business."

The Buzz


"Subsidiary of a software company."



About Capco

Business, Belgian style 

Belgian-born consulting firm Capco has a plan and it is sticking to it. For 16 years, the firm has dedicated itself to being the "transformation firm" for financial services. With offices in over a dozen major financial centers around the globe, the firm's 2500+ employees have consulted on projects for the most prestigious firms in the financial services industry. Capco's areas of expertise lie strictly within the realm of the financial services industry, with specialties in banking, capital markets, finance, risk and compliance, global delivery, insurance, technology, and wealth and investment management. Since 2010, the firm has been owned by FIS, the world's largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies—over 90% of ATM transactions carried out in the US are powered by FIS' technology.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Capco prides itself on its entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation, and places its people at the heart of everything—being a firm which is large enough to have high impact with clients, yet still small enough to care about its employees on an individual level. That isn't the only positive about the firm's size: it affords the luxury of limited amounts of hierarchy and bureaucracy, as well as almost constant employee access to the leadership team. Accordingly, employees are empowered to "run" aspects of the business and openly share their ideas and opinions with the leadership team. Supporting that culture, Capco utilizes an online, internal networking tool which serves as the primary communication channel for all levels across the business. According to the firm, the tool facilitates knowledge sharing, networking and interest groups and helps to foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. It also provides transparency around the roles and type of work available, enabling consultants to apply for roles through the site and proactively manage their careers with the support of their career coach.

To further its innovation agenda, Capco recently added a new arm to its business with the launch of BOLDROCKET. In their first months of existence, rocketeers have looked at projects as diverse as artificial intelligence in mental health, re-inventing internal communications, and game changing around how impulse donations are made to charity. Capco Chairman Rob Heyvaert states that "BOLDROCKET is an attitude and a promise. It's about what we can do, as individuals and collectively, to make the world a little bit more wonderful." 


The Capco Institute 

The Capco Institute regularly publishes the award-winning Journal of Financial Transformation, "dedicated to the advancement of leading thinking in the field of applied finance." The Journal is available online for free, and has been recognized in many quarters for its expertise—including by the American Economic Association, the European Finance Association and the Social Science Research Network. It includes features from some of the world's leading applied finance thinkers and academics. 

In addition to its publications, Capco and its parent firm FIS are partners of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Partners from the firm attend WEF events around the world, including the annual meeting in Davos, which attracts some of the most illustrious political and business leaders.


Capco in the Community 

Capco is active in its communities around the globe from pro-bono consulting work and fundraising events to mentoring students and hosting work experience placements. Capco recently launched a new Global Corporate Responsibility Program to enhance activities in the local communities. The program offers support to employees with their individual fundraising efforts to align with their passions and interests and also enables employees to pitch their ideas on how Capco can use the core skills within the firm to change lives in its communities.



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The Capital Markets Company Inc.
77 Water Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Phone: (212) 284-8600

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
Stock Symbol: FIS
Stock Exchange: NYSE
CEO: Rob Heyvaert
2014 Employees (All Locations): 2,500

Major Office Locations

New York (HQ)
Bethesda, MD
Charlotte, NC
San Francisco
Washington, D.C.
Hong Kong

Major Departments & Practices


Capital Markets


Finance, Risk & Compliance

Global Delivery



Wealth & Investment Management