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What's special about Roland Berger?

Roland Berger, founded in 1967, is the only leading consultancy with German heritage and European origin. We pride ourselves on our diverse culture of perspectives and the core values that unites us.


We follow an entrepreneurial approach and provide creative and pragmatic solutions. We actively explore unconventional ideas, taking risks and blazing new trails, but that also means willingness to assume responsibility. We take responsibility for decisions and are eager to find innovative and sustainable solutions to help our colleagues, clients and community be "game-changers" in their environment.


We achieve excellent results and develop global best practices to ensure measurable and sustainable success. Our goal is excellence in our work with clients, in the way we develop our knowledge and in our interaction with each other – externally and internally. We appreciate brilliant minds that create sound analyses and fact-based approaches. We value those who invest in other's development, open discussion and debate in decision-making until the best possible outcome has been achieved.


We are insightful and responsible advisors and we contribute to the greater good. We place ourselves in position to be insightful, respectful and responsible advisors. We act as partners alongside our clients and team and focus on understanding the real problem, offering peer-to-peer advice and tailored approaches. We are committed to tolerance and respect; and value diversity as a strength within our own company. We appreciate other's perspectives and feedback, take all stakeholders into careful consideration and respond with integrity.


A fundamental value, not tokenism

Often times, "Diversity" is used as a buzzword. However, at Roland Berger, we pride ourselves on being fundamentally diverse right from the start. Our varying cultures, languages and markets across the globe, inspire our teams to develop great ideas, perspectives, insights and new ways of looking at things.


Increasing the representation of women at Roland Berger is at the top of our list
of priorities, including our CEO's. This is no small matter. We are committed to hearing you and unleashing your potential.

We hold recruiting events exclusively for women, where students can meet and network with our female colleagues. You'll receive insights on their experiences and have the chance to build relationships.

For new joiners, we establish contacts among female colleagues and establish networks of mutual support.

We are committed to real change, led by both women and men, so that we become a better organization. Long-term, together and at every level.

LGBT - Diversity is much more

Open minded teams integrating people with diverse talent, nationalities, genders, religions or sexual orientations are key for our success. At Roland Berger, we foster an environment of respect where all colleagues feel welcome and accepted for who they are.

Our LGBT network "Just be" is a global and caring community for LGBT* colleagues to facilitate professional exchange and mentoring. It connects colleagues from all offices around the world and is a forum to discuss questions and concerns. If you have any questions, our HR colleagues would be pleased to connect you to a member of our LGBT network. We will of course handle your request with utmost confidentiality. Be authentic. Just be.

Be Well – Encouraging our employees' holistic well-being

We understand how important work-life balance is. Our wellness program has several elements that help to improve our employee's work-life balance and encourage their overall well-being.

Be Empowered – Giving back to our communities

Roland Berger is always looking for ways to give back to our communities through donating our time and resources. This year along we have been involved with several organizations that include: urban gardening, charter schools and various shelters.

Meet your future colleagues

We do not look for stereotypes. Our strengths are the personality and individuality of our employees. At Roland Berger, everyone can stay who he/she is. Only authentic consultants can win our client's trust. Get to know some of them:

US Jeffery R

Jeffery, Consultant | Chemicals

I recently joined Roland Berger's Boston office as a Consultant after graduating from Northwestern University with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. I chose Roland Berger because of its rapidly growing footprint in North America and its focus on the industries that are most interesting to me. Within only a few months of joining, I have already worked on several growth strategy projects for clients ranging from a manufacturer of battery chemicals to a diversified plastic film producer, providing me with significant responsibility as a Consultant. At Roland Berger, our fast-paced environment requires a growth mindset, helping me improve as both a consultant and a person.

US Doug R

Doug, Project Manager | Automotive

I am a Project Manager out of the Chicago office and aligned to Roland Berger's Automotive Competence Center. I was able to complete an internship with RB between my first and second year of business school and joined the firm following my graduation. In just over a year, I've had the opportunity to work on strategic initiatives with automotive startups, product expansion into China and India and the divestiture of a business unit into a fully independent, publicly traded firm. My projects have pushed and challenged me, but RB has provided support at every step along the way. Overall, Roland Berger has given my colleagues and I an opportunity to grow and the tools to succeed.

US Dilhani R

Dilhani, Senior Project Manager | Chemicals

I am a Senior Project Manager with Roland Berger's Chemicals and IPS (Industrial Products and Services) practice based in Chicago. I graduated with a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. I have always been fascinated with the chemicals industry as it serves nearly every sector of the global economy – which means I am always learning about a new technology or market on every project! My career at Roland Berger has been equally as multi-faceted. I joined Roland Berger in Germany in 2012, working with some of the largest global chemicals, O&G and materials companies on high-profile strategy and M&A deals. In 2016, I transferred to Chicago and have had a fantastic breadth of new clients, colleagues and projects. I have also been a part of the exciting growth story of our US business - from approximately 40 consultants in 2012 to over 75 today. Along with my role as Project Manager, I support with recruiting, talent development and knowledge management initiatives to help build our team. RB has offered an exciting and challenging breadth of opportunities, and there are many ways to make a real impact.