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2021 Vault Rankings

At a Glance


“Culture of entrepreneurship, open PTO policy, large financial services clients, impactful projects, generous benefits and bonus program.”

“Great people and engaging work.”

“Opportunities to learn and develop.”


“Boutique financial services focus does not provide opportunities in other industries.”

“Niche subject matter, no travel opportunities.”

“Small company culture and typical challenges that come with.”

About Potomac Point Group

Potomac Point Group is a boutique management consulting firm. Since 2011, the firm has worked closely together with its clients to help them innovate, tackle change, and make lasting enhancements to their businesses. Some of Potomac Point Group’s clients have included large and small banks, hedge funds, and government-sponsored enterprises in the single-family and multifamily mortgage industry.

The firm’s team members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds; some have joined the firm with a deep mortgage finance expertise while others were the right fit because they were strong Project Managers, Business Analysts, or Management Consultants in their past lives. Despite the differences in everyone’s professional backgrounds, they all share a few commonalities that speak true to the firm’s culture. First, they place both colleagues and clients above all else, always doing the right thing and possessing high levels of integrity. Second, team members display a genuine curiosity and innate desire to continuously learn and grow. Finally, they all genuinely enjoy working with one another and get together outside of work frequently to share in some fun at a game, restaurant, or something new in the DC area. 

Over the last two years, the firm has doubled in size and is currently on a similar growth trajectory. Both new and experienced consultants have been moving through the ranks and enjoying the learning and growth opportunities that are only available at smaller firms. As a member of a small engagement team, consultants at Potomac Point Group work alongside their clients, integrating tightly with their teams, to solve their most complex challenges. Outside of project work, PPG team members take on roles to help the firm grow the business.

Potomac Point Group

1775 Tysons Blvd
Suite 5179
Tysons Corner, VA 22012
Phone: 860-682-0974

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Partner: Martha-Rosalind Stainton
Partner: Stephen (Guim) Barbour
Partner: David Hays
2020 Employees (All Locations): 17

Major Office Locations

Tysons Corner, VA

Major Departments & Practices

Business transformation
Change management
Business process improvement & design
Operations strategy
Program and project management