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Managing clinical trials during COVID-19 and beyond

A new, groundbreaking predictive analytical approach which can be deployed in a few weeks to cope with the current crisis, and has the broader potential to transform clinical operations. Read more.


The 5F War Room

Ensuring health & safety while preparing recovery and future growth. Read more.


What does the future hold for aviation?

Mathieu Blondel, Partner at Arthur D. Little, explains the changes that the aviation ecosystem will experience by 2035, uncertainties for the future and possible future scenarios.


Digital Problem Solving

View here.


Acing 5G Pricing

Leading telcos have switched on their 5G networks and launched commercial offers to acquire early adopters. With the scale of investments required for 5G, the consumer pricing strategy becomes a critical lever for recouping these investments. Take a look at our new report, where we discuss how to price 5G for optimal monetization:



 Global Innovation Excellence

View here.


Rethinking on-demand mobility

In the space of a decade, companies such as Uber, Lyft, DiDi and FreeNow have become globally recognized brand names and multi-billion-dollar businesses. They started out by targeting young, affluent and digital-savvy consumers but, over time, succeeded in attracting the population at large by providing flexible, fast, door-to-door mobility solutions that were also safer and mostly cheaper. However, their arrival has also triggered a seismic shift towards shared individual transportation. They are threatening the future of traditional mobility solutions (individual cars and public transport) and triggering major market disruption in the conventional taxi sector in many countries around the world.

Take a look at our latest report to find out more:


Ambulance Services Activity

The global ambulance service market is projected to exhibit steep growth, which will be linked primarily to an aging population, favorable payment policies, and an increase in road accidents. Ambulance service providers need to come up with novel methods to address this rise in demand. Our new report, developed in partnership with Access Health, proposes a framework that enables concerned stakeholders to identify root causes of inefficiency and, consequently, develop operating models supported by innovative approaches and technologies.

Future of Mobility


View here


Cyberrisk Cyberthreats Activity

Traditional cyber-risk management focuses on “hardening” the perimeter with firewalls or antivirus software to protect assets. Is this really enough to ensure cyber-resilience?

In this detailed report, we discuss cyber-risk management strategies:



Breaking the Mold Activity

Despite an impressive record of value creation and its central importance to meeting mankind’s future “mega-needs”, the chemicals industry is undervalued by investors, which holds back its strategic freedom to grow. Read more.